Brigitte Rafnel - Violin, Viola and Piano Lessons


About Me

I offer private music lessons out of my home in Redwood City, California and long distance via video conferencing software. I teach beginning through advanced violin and viola as well as beginning piano. I have been teaching music for the last 13 years and playing for over 20 years. My primary instrument is violin and I have performed in both the Redwood Symphony and the Peninsula Youth Orchestra. I enjoy working with students of all ages, customizing my approach to draw on each individual's strengths and interests, and finding new ways to challenge and inspire my students. Contact me today to set up your first lesson!

Online Lessons

In addition to teaching out of my home, I also offer distance learning via vides conferencing software such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and Zoom. The benefits of online lessons include giving students access to lessons when they may otherwise have little to no access to teachers in their own area, zero commute time, and the ability to take a lesson from any location that has a reliable internet connection (ex. when traveling or after a move). Online lessons are best for students who are self motivated, have good concentration, and are comfortable with primarily verbal and visual instruction.

Technical requirements for online lessons: a reliable internet connection, a computer (recommended) or other device such as a tablet with Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom installed, a camera or webcam, a microphone, and speakers. Also be sure you have adequate lighting and space to play. Initial payments are made via Paypal (which includes a small transaction fee), although an alternative payment method can be worked out if the student decides to continue with regular lessons.